At KAA recovery Advisors, we cover the entire gamut of investment recovery, whether it is getting investments back from DEAF/IEPF/SCWF or getting physical shares dematerialised. Feel free to read through our services in detail below and reach out to us at +91 95925 39292 or or though the ‘Query Submission Form’ in the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website.

Recovery from Investor Education And Protection Fund

To protect investors' interests and promote awareness, IEPF was established under Section 125 of the Companies Act, 2013 ('Act'). All unpaid dividends or unclaimed amounts belonging to a company's investors are pooled and credited into the IEPF. The IEPF Authority will utilise and spend the money of the IEPF funds only for the purposes mentioned in the Act. The Comptroller and Auditor-General of India will audit the accounts of the IEPF.

What are the uses of this Fund?

> To issue refunds in respect of unclaimed dividends, matured deposits, matured debentures, to the people who have genuine case.
> To promote investors’ education, protection and awareness
> To make payment to the shareholders or debenture holders, or depositors who have suffered losses due to wrong actions by any Company, as directed by Courts
> To reimbursement of legal expenses as incurred by shareholders or debenture holders, or depositors who have suffered losses due to wrong actions by any Company
Thus, it is clear that Government’s is just holding these shares on behalf of the shareholders and they are to be transferred to the person who has a genuine claim for the investment. It is specifically written in the act that the prime use of this fund will be to refund money to the Investors. Until then Government continues to enjoy the fund.
We at KAA Recovery Advisors Pvt. Ltd, with a team of 10+ people including Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries & Lawyers, understand that the end-to-end recovery process requires a patient, professional approach and thus our roles come into picture.

We can help the claimant end-to-end from calculation of his claim amount to the recovery of his claim. We offer the following services in this regard:

1) Calculation of the Claim amount for the claimant and certifying form the RTA of the Company
2) Opening of a Demat Account of the Claimant, if required
3) Filing of IEPF-5 to the authority
4) End to End following up with the RTA, Company and IEPF authority
5) Submitting necessary forms, documents, affidavits etc.
6) Making sure that the recovery process is completed in the shortest possible time

Recovery from Depositor Education And Awareness Fund

The Depositor Education and Awareness Fund Scheme (DEAF Scheme) was established by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 2014 for the promotion of depositors’ interest and for any other related purposes deemed necessary by the RBI. The credit balance of any deposit account that is maintained with the banks and has not been operated for 10 (Ten) years or more is transferred to the DEAF account.

Unclaimed money lying under the following accounts is transferred to DEAF:

> Savings bank deposits
> Fixed/Term deposits
> Cumulative/Recurring deposits
> Current account or any other deposits
> Cash credit accounts
> Loan accounts (Post appropriation by banks)
> Margin money accounts
> Rupee proceeds of foreign currency deposits held by banks after conversion, etc
> Outstanding telegraphic transfers (TT), mail transfers, demand drafts, pay orders, etc.

We help in speedy and hassle-free recovery from DEAF.

Recovery from Senior Citizen’s Welfare Fund

A "Senior Citizens' Welfare Fund (SCWF)” has been established under the Finance Act, 2015, to be utilized for such schemes for the promotion of the welfare of senior citizens, in line with the National Policy on Older Persons.

Unclaimed money lying under the following accounts is transferred to SCWF:
> Post Office Savings Account
> Small Savings Schemes
> Employees Provident Fund (EPF)
> Public Provident Fund schemes (PPF)
> Life and non-life insurance schemes or polices maintained by insurance companies
> Accounts of Coal Mines Provident Fund
We help in speedy and hassle-free recovery from SCWF.

Dematerialisation of shares

As per the Government of India physical share certificates will have no value after April 1, 2023. They will yield zero value and zero return unless converted into dematerialised form. KYC is critical to converting physical shares into dematerialised form.
We at KAA Recovery Advisors help investors to convert physical shares certificated to dematerialised form.

Transmission And Transfer Of Shares

Transmission of shares is a process by operation of law where under the Shares are registered in a Company in the name of deceased person or an insolvent person are registered in the name of his legal heirs by the Company on proof of death or insolvency as the case may be. Transmission of shares takes place when registered member dies or is adjudicated insolvent or lunatic by competent court.

What is Evidence of Succession?
> Succession Certificate
> Letter of Administrations
> Probate
> Evidence acquired by Board of Directors
We at KAA Recovery Advisors help investors in the complete process of Transmission of shares.

Transfer of shares means the voluntary handing over of the rights and possibly, the duties of a company member (as represented in a share of the company). The rights and duties of the share transfer happen from a shareholder who wishes to not be a member of the company any more to a person who wishes of becoming a member. Thus, shares in a company are transferable like any other movable property in the absence of any expressed restrictions under the articles of the company. Investors may face many problems like transferor signature mismatch, torn/mutilated share certificates, non-submission of transfer deed etc. while transferring shares.
We at KAA Recovery Advisors help investors in the complete process of transfer of shares.

Recovery Of Unclaimed Mutual Funds

Almost INR 17000 Cr are lying unclaimed in mutual funds in India. When the investors don’t claim their mutual fund units after maturity maturity, they are categorized as category of unclaimed Mutual Finds. There can be a number of reasons:

There are many reasons for this.
> Name mismatch in the AMC (Mutual Fund Company) & bank account records
> Mismatch of signature
> Investor’s address change
> AMC does not clear the cheque within time
> Death of Unit Holder
> family not aware of the recovery process, etc
We help in speedy and hassle-free recovery of unclaimed mutual funds