Who We Are ?

We act as dedicated advisors for recovering your unclaimed investment holdings. We strive to streamline the arduous recovery process on your behalf so that you can enjoy your wealth.

Till a few years ago, investments were carried out through physical instruments (Post office certificates, physical share certificates, debenture certificates, etc.). Record keeping of physical/paper certificates is difficult, is subject to wear & tear and takes up time, effort & space. Furthermore, physical/paper certificates can be easily lost or destroyed leaving the investor in a state of limbo.

As listed below, there could be manyfold reasons for such unclaimed investment certificates:

> Lost investments
> Dismantled investments
> Torn investments
> Forgotten investments
> Death of original investment holder
> Unclaimed investment, etc.

We bridge the gap with between our clients, Registrar Transfer Agents (‘RTA’), Investor Education & Protection Fund (‘IEPF’), Depositor Education & Awareness Fund (‘DEAF’), Senior Citizen’s Welfare Fund (‘SCWF’) or any other fund holding authority to recover your money in the shortest possible time frame.

Our Services

Recovery from Depositor Education And Awareness Fund

Helping investors to claim their Unclaimed Bank Deposits With Interest from DEAF.

Recovery from Investor Education And Protection Fund

Helping investors to claim their unclaimed investments (Corporate Fixed Deposits, Bonds, Interest and Dividends) back from the IEPF.

Recovery from Senior Citizen’s Welfare Fund

Helping investors to claim their Unclaimed Provident Fund, Insurance, Post-Office And Government Savings Scheme from SCWF.

Dematerilization of shares

Helping shareholders to get their shares dematerialized from physical form by resolving issues like signature mismatch, Joint holding, name change, etc.

Transfer/Transmission of shares

Helping in the transfer of shares from one owner to another, rectifying any issues that may arise.

Recovery of lost mutual funds and other investments

Helping unit holders in redemption of Mutual Fund units that remain unclaimed due to any reason.

INR 5,625 Cr

Unclaimed investments in IEPF as at 31st March 2022

INR 39,264 Cr

Unclaimed Bank Deposits And Interest In DEAF as at 31st March 2021

INR 15,000 Cr

Life and non-life Insurance

INR 50,000 Cr

Various provident funds & government savings schemes

INR 17,000 Cr

Inactive mutual funds

Source: MoneyLife news article dated 19 August 2022

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